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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much distance can it go on a single charge?

A. We have engineered the scooter such that it will provide enough kilometers that you won't require further charging outside your homes.

Q. Is the battery pack waterproof?

A. Yes. Not only waterproof. But we have designed our battery pack to be unaffected by shocks, dust and heavy impacts too.

Q. How much will be the scooter's running cost?

A. The maximum maintainence plus running cost of our vehicle will be 3000 INR, which is 600 percent cost efficient as compared to petrol vehicles.

Q. How much luggage is it capable of carrying?

A. The main compartment under seat has more than ample space for two full sized helmets. Plus there are small compartments under the handle bar, hook under the front seat and an optional front compartment.

Q. : How long will the batteries last?

A. The batteries remain almost unaffected for 85000 km, which is roughly 5 - 6 years and after such a long span the batteries still retain their 70% of efficiency.

Q. Are there any particular techniques for charging?

A. Fortunately, no. Charging you EV is as simple as charging your mobile phone. Just plug the charger into any wall plug that you can find around you and the charging will commence.

Q. Will it harm the batteries or charger or anything if I leave my charger plugged in despite the battery being fully charged?

A. No, our EV is equipped with an Intelligent Charge Care System (ICCS) that monitors the battery status in real time. So in case the charger is left plugged in, the ICCS automatically shuts off the supply once the full charge status is reached.

Q. How much warranty will I get on the charger and circuitry?

A. You will get a 3 year warranty for the charger and circuitry from the date of purchase.

Q. How much time does it take for a full charge?

A. Our smart charger charges the battery in 3 different modes -

    Complete Charge in 3 Hours, recommended for long life of battery.

    Fast charging - In a hurry, charge your vehicle fully in 1.5 Hours.

    Ultra-Fast Charging. Timing is a surprise, wait for it!